Guest Blogger – Charles Thomas

The next entry in our guest blogger series is an insightful post about taking chances by Charles Thomas. Thomas’ science fiction film Disaffection centers on a patient who undergoes a series of tests at the hands of doctors hoping to create a vaccine.


I’m 26 years old. I’m young. I’ve got my entire life ahead of me. I can do anything I want. I’m the only one responsible for my happiness. So… Why does it take me days and days to decide to do something ? Why am I torn apart by fears and neurotic thoughts when I’m wondering if I should take this way or that way?

We live in a world that always talks about freedom, space and great opportunities. But paradoxically we are more and more fearful people, unable to make  choices. Even paralyzed.

That’s what I am talking about in Disaffection. That was the starting point.

One day I went to a school that was under construction, and I saw the workers separated by huge white plastic tarp, like you can see in the hospitals. In fact, it was to protect the workers from dust. But it made me think about some place, some world in which people would be separated from each other. At an extreme level… When I had this “vision”, I thought that it would be a great story. But I soon realized that we were already in that kind of world.


Think about it. Neighbors are separated by fences. People can do less and less things without being a “rebel”. There is a contrast between what the society teaches us about freedom and the reality.

And then I thought about myself. I asked myself if I was in that situation. And the answer was : “yes I am in that situation”. Like many people, I’m scared to death to think about living a great relationship with anyone. I’m scared to death about taking a wrong professionnal way. I’m scared to death about “ruining my life”. All these fears are mental blocks that are taught to us by society, surreptitiously, time after time…in order to give us the idea of “if you go outside your comfort zone, you will suffer for sure !”

After realizing this, I went to Cambodia to film a documentary. I quit from my job without a plan B. I tried to date people without suffering… And I’m still alive !

With Disaffection, I wanted to make people think about what is normal, what is “human”, but corrupted by the society. In fact, the failure, the wrong choices are always hold responsible for all the bad events in our lives. But… think about it… Don’t we learn much more by making mistakes ? If we stay in our comfort zones, don’t we just stay still and dead ?

I’m very glad to see that a university decided to show Disaffection to students. It definitely proved to me that “everything isn’t lost”, and that we can offer a better world, a better place, for the next generations.

So thank you again and I can’t wait to meet you all during the festival.

You can view the trailer for Disaffection here:

~Charles Thomas


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