Guest Blogger – Yousef Kargar

Yousef Kargar, the director of Requiem for a Night, is our latest guest blogger. Kargar’s film is set in an orphanage where bread goes missing from the kitchen every night. When the janitor seeks out to solve the mystery, he discovers something strange.


We all were children Once upon, and in that time we have had many dreams, big and small. Sometimes these dreams came true, and sometimes not.  In the realization of our dreams, people have had a major role. Parents are the most important people who can provide all the needs of children and their children’s basic needs are warmth.

But there are children that deprived of a blessing of parents because of different reasons. In these circumstances they are more in need of love and kindness. Their dreams will be slightly different from the other children. It is our duty to embrace with open arms these children. They want to fill vacancies of their parents in any way, and it is one of the largest humanitarian works and basic human rights. But if we deny this love, we are committing a sin and a mistake.

Poster of Requiem for a Night

One of my concerns is that I can support and do something for orphans or badly protect children, children of labor, and children who are faced with social inequality and injustice. With regard to working conditions, reading many stories, seeing movies and dealing with such issues in society and the fact and also heard similar incidents, I decided to make a short film focusing on this subject. The idea of the film according to the symbols that we have on of our culture, came to mind after a few sessions after we got the original script.

Requiem for a Night, depicts a few days of an orphan child’s life in a child care center with explore the symbolic look. According to the first and final scene of the film that has been symbolically, everyone can realize the importance role of the mother in the child’s life . The child in our film loses his mother because of earthquake and in a child care center , it happens an event between him and janitor . Following the loss of the bread, the caretaker is appointed to inquire the cause and eventually we realized the connection between the bread and the boy. These children frequently seen in today’s society. Janitor before to realize the event, due to its inherent wickedness are looking to find culprit with cravings and even after finding her and introduced to the manager, follows the matter again and in the final scene, shame whole of his face can be seen.

Questions are asked of me about the film ‘s surprise ending and relevance of the bread and the boy. I have received several interpretations of this term from the audience after the film. Some believed that the bread is the easiest tool to steal hungry and because this boy is hungry to love and cuddle also the final scene is a symbol of the same issue. Others believe that the bread is blessed and in our culture, mother is a symbol of blessing of family and the boy fills his mother`s empty place … . But as a film-maker, I have never addressed these interpretations. My aim in making this film was for viewers, alone in their privacy, to answer these questions and to think that if they were janitor ,then what did after that night? inspire to the end of the film that is symbolic, is free and it is important that the film be able to challenge the mind and soul

Still of Requiem for a Night 1

I made ​​this film only with ​​$1,000 and with sincere cooperation from  friends and colleagues. Short filmmaking is very hard in Iran because we don`t have economic support and almost all of us have problems finding producers and funding. Also, I provided the film’s entire budget myself. Before I began making films, I worked as a film critic, and I still continue to review films. I love cinema and every day I see between 3 to 5 films from filmmakers from different countries and experience new things, and I try to learn from them. The best teacher for a director is watching a movie and examining what is good or bad about the film. My favorite master and director is Roman Polanski and one of my favorite films is his masterpiece The Tenant. The ceiling of my aspirations at the cinema is infinite and I love to become a filmmaker that my films reflect the the pain and suffering of people around the world and can make people happy with my films and to make effective moments of their life. I love that can be represents great words on image format , the words that great filmmakers, like Bergman, Tarkovsky, Kurosawa, Kubrick said before and I like to to get a place where my films be respected and people remember me as good after I died.

In continued presence of Requiem for a Night at festivals in the world, I decided to show the film at the Show Me Justice Film Festival because I feel the festival’s theme of “social justice” is one of my main objectives in making this film. I hope festival audiences like the movie, and after watching it, change their outlook on innocent orphan children.

Kind regards and greetings from the land of lovers of peace and justice, Iran.

~Yousef Kargar

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