The Issue of Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana legalization has been a long-debated social justice topic in the United States since it was made illegal with the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. Lots of progress has been made toward its legalization in recent years with many states and the District of Columbia legalizing the plant for medicinal use. In 2012, perhaps the biggest step towards legalization was made when Colorado and Washington state both made the plant legal for recreational use.

More and more research on marijuana is being conducted to figure out exactly what the substance is and how it can be beneficial to people. Recent research has disproved many of the negative things people used to believe about marijuana, which is why legalization is at the highest approval rating of all time. This has cause the argument against marijuana to shift focus. Here are some of the reasons against marijuana legalization:

1.) Marijuana is a gateway drug – many people believe that if one were to use marijuana regularly, it would make them want to use other drugs, like cocaine, heroin or LSD.

2.) Marijuana could get in the hands of children – if made legal, children would be able to get a hold of the drug more easily.

3.) Legalization could increase violence – with a legal marijuana market, stores that distribute the plant would face the threat of people trying to rob them of their product.

Many advocates believe that the benefits of marijuana legalization far outweigh the disadvantages. Here are some of the arguments for marijuana legalization:

1.) Marijuana offers many health benefits – marijuana has been shown to help with the treatment of diseases like cancer, epilepsy, depression, and many others.

2.) Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco – marijuana poses less health risks than alcohol or tobacco, both of which are legal substances.

3.) People should have the right to use marijuana if they choose to – as free American citizens, marijuana should be available to use should one choose to use it.

Marijuana legalization is a hotly debated topic that will not go away any time soon. I want to know what you guys think. Should marijuana be made legal for everyone to use? Should it be made legal only for medicinal purposes? Should it be kept illegal? Let me know what you guys think!

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