Is Sexism in the Office No Longer an Issue?

sexism-cartoon-300x213Over the years sexism in the workplace has been a really big issue and social injustice for women, who argue that there are some advantages for men and that they find more complications and barriers when it come to growing within the company they work for.

First of all, lets take a look of the term and its origins. Sexism is a discrimination based on a person´s sex or gender. This discrimination is led by a belief that a person of one sex is intrinsically superior to a person of the other.

The term sexism was invented on 1965 by Pauline M. Leet, being first written on Leet´s article called “Women and the Undergraduate” in which she first defines the term comparing it with racism. This injustice dates back to the ancient world, after the adaptation of agriculture, in which women were thought as inferior and weaker than men. Women were in charge of more domestic, simple chores; while men were the ones doing the hard work.

Sexism is a problem that has existed on the work office, most of the women have come to claim about the differences between positions, remuneration, wages and flexible schedules among others. Women in the workplace still believe that sexism and gender discrimination exists. They claim that this differences keep dragging women down and that the chances of getting a better position within their jobs are really scarce.

A new report has found that this claims are not necessarily in their own workplaces, what does this mean? Women are only saying this because of the stats or because everyone else is saying so, not because it happens to them directly. descarga (1)

The Pew Research Center report found that only 15% of the women being surveyed said they have been actually discriminated because of their gender at work. Most of the women said that there is nothing like gender discrimination at their workplace. This majority of women said in work they have the same chance and opportunities to grow as a worker and that they are paid the same amount as men. This statement can be supported by what researchers found, women are now earning 84% of what men earn.

This study also revealed ranks of women in top positions have increased and more and more women are starting to hold managerial and higher ranked positions. It is more normal and usual to see women being bosses, entrepreneurship’s and higher ranked activists of companies.

What does all this study mean for us? All this findings and researches result as a big advantage for the world. This means that we are actually getting into an equality environment in which genders are no more discriminated and women specifically are having better opened opportunities to grow as business people. Whenever we get to reach this gender equality the workforce will look at each other with more respect and will have to learn how to go by themselves.

Sexism is not something new, we have heard of it ever since ancient times. As the years have been passing by, this gender discrimination has decreased severely and it is now just an issue in some workplaces. images (1)

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