Poverty and the Little Ones

Poverty is that condition of having little or almost no money, goods or means of support. Poverty has being a problem ever since the beginning of time. Money and resources have always defined the style of life people live and most of the actions they do. In ancient times, people and tribes used to measure richness and status based on how many things they had.

descarga (7)Now a days the world has change a lot and it is all about money and how many valuable things you posses, that is how we define our lifestyles and ourselves. But there is a big part from the globe who are now living in extreme poverty,  studies from the United Nations show that about 21,000 people die everyday of hunger  or causes related to hunger. But this is not the worse part, sadly, it is children the ones who die most often. The numbers of children living in extreme poverty has grown amazingly having 3.55 million extreme poor children in 2011.

Poverty prevents a child from living healthy and it makes it more difficult for him to live in all aspects of development, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, cultural, social, family and spiritual. Poverty also deprives children from the fundamental right to life; the opportunity to have an education and denies them access to health care, clean water, food, shelter, safety and security, information, etc.

The United Nations recognized in 1992 an International Day for the Eradication of Poverty which is celebrated every year on October 17. The porpoise of this day was tu promote awareness about the big need for eradicate poverty all over the world, specially in those countries that are developing.

What does this mean? United Nations, most countries and some other organizations are working hard on trying to fight this problem. The issue here is that there is a lot of food in the world, plenty enough to feed all the people living in the globe; the problem is that they don´t have enough money or resources to pay for it, sometimes entire families last weeks without being able to eat something at all. pict

Yesterday, October 17th,the general secretary of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, called on the importance ofcontinue fighting poverty and the increasing inequality recorded since the financial crisis. He recalled the actions that have been taken and all the development that has been done, but he also called the international community to keep on working to overcome this big issue.

No society can really defeat poverty without doing everything that is possible, in a strict and long-term way. Countries need to ensure that all their members have the right and opportunity to receive basic health care, nutritious food and a decent education.

Poverty is diminishing, but efforts to fight it are still insufficient. However, it is a realistic dream. Solutions exist, what´s missing is a real political will in the world.

There is a chance to finish with this big issue, all we need is to create awareness among people and get more involved with the topic. We can all do something even though it is “little” if we all do little things, a big one will arise.

Thanks for reading!

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