Social Justice Films

There are so many films that touch on social justice issues. New films, old films, short films, and blockbuster films. Some of the movies that come to my mind are as follows. There will be spoilers…

1: John Q: Directed by Nick Cassavetes, and the main character played by Denzel Washington. Maybe one of the saddest movies I have seen. This film is very emotional, but is very good. The movie touches on john qhealthcare issues how an innocent little boy is in dire need of a heart transplant, but the father (Denzel Washington) can not afford the transplant. This film shows how illegal/bad things are sometimes done for the greater good, how maybe social issues can cause injustice. In the movie Denzels character has to hold the hospital hostage, and in the end takes his own life so his son can have his heart. The whole movie touches on health care issues, and makes you realize through out history social issues are very wide ranging.  If you have yet to see John Q I strongly recommend this film.

2: To Kill A Mockingbird: Directed by Robert Mulligan, with Gregory Peck playing main character  Atticus Finch. This film is a to kill a mocking birdclassic, and also a book. If you went to middle school you know the story of Atticus Finch, and Tom Robinson. This film touches on the issues of racism, and how it goes places further than the streets, but even places such as the court room. When an innocent man like Tom Robinson is accused of raping a white woman, because of the color of his skin. A white lawyer Atticus Finch stands up for what is right and defends Tom Robinson even though the pressure of the town is baring down on him for helping out a black man, because that is seen as going against his kind/town. This story was set in rural Alabama known for extreme racism back in the day. Even though racism is known for being back a few years in history it is also still well alive. This film/novel showing social justice issues don’t just go away we as people have to stand up for what is right. Once again strongly recommend this film/novel.

3,4, &5:The Pursuit of Happyness, Shawshank Redmption, and The Green Mile. 

Pursuit Of Happyness- with Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith is the newest film out of the 5 I have listed and is just as note worthy. Film brings up homelessness, and poverty and is a very excellent film.

Shawshank Redemption- with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman is one of my all time favorite movies. Film brings up the prison/government abusing power. A man is wrongly accused and spends a huge chunk of his life in prison. Another film worth watching.

The Green Mile- with Tom Hanks is yet another emotional movie. With a very similar story line as a few of the others mentioned. One movie not worth spoiling that you will have to watch for yourself. A movie back in different times in U.S. history, but yet you feel that can relate to today like all of the other films mentioned.

.pursuit of happyness shawshank redemption the gren mile

The awesome thing about films, movies, novels, radio shows, etc… is that they not allow you to escape from actual reality, but allow you to relate these stories to actual reality. They bring up real issues, and raise awareness. That’s why the Show Me Justice Film Festival is so awesome. The festival allows for so many people to do what they love and show their craft, but also in the process raising awareness on these huge wide variety of issues. I personally can not wait to see these films from around the world touching on social justice, and maybe one will wind up on a list such as this one!

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