Guest Blogger – Joseph Spaid

Our guest blogger series continues with a short post by Joseph Spaid, whose film WRITTEN BY GANDHI highlights Gandhi’s teachings in perhaps an unconventional fashion.


WRITEN BY GANDHI is set in space, but is exclusively about events on earth. It’s an animated cartoon of adorable looking characters exacting catastrophic violence on one another. It’s a 60 second movie that examines and solves the root of all human violence in 44 seconds and still has 16 seconds left over for the end credits. Careful, it’s easy to miss it.


How is it that in a world that is so technologically accomplished the human race killed off over 100 million of its own species in the 20th century alone? While we may bicker, peace is always possible, and we all know it. WRITTEN BY GANDHI uses cartoon animation to make Gandhi’s powerful message accessible to all ages and regions of the world, while the bare-knuckle narrative provides comic relief for a topic as heady as universal brotherhood.

~Joseph Spaid

You can watch WRITTEN BY GANDI here:

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