Guest Blogger: Aireyon Clem

Aireyon Clem is an undergrad student at the University of Central Missouri who is perusing her degree in Digital Media Productions.  Aireyon is also the Advertising Manager at the student ran publication Muleskinner/digitalBURG.

We are exposed to media every second of the day. We often overlook casual homophobic, racist, sexist and transphobia  comments because they’re portrayed as humorous and just jokes. TV shows and movies have had the silence acceptance of allowing subtle hatred to continue to progress over the years.


When will it stop? The racial stereotypes, the homophobic slurs, the inconsiderate and insensitive content.  Casual social injustice is the root to all injustice. Delia Melody of the Huffington Post states, it is not just a joke. It costs lives, and it should not be so hard to stop clinging to this lazy, tired, unfunny brand of “humor.” Bigoted, ignorant humor is not sacred. Lives are sacred. Is a shift in language so much to ask to save those lives?”

Society understands and recognizes that these things said in the media are inappropriate but we tend to accept it because it its “entertainment”. This entertainment tends to set a tone for our societies belief. Young children exposed to media see these things and are grown to find theses acceptable.


The intention when accepting these things in the media is not to harm people or offend them, but then again that is the about casually stereotypical, homophobic, inconsiderate, and insensitive.

The good thing is that it’s really easy to change so much just by learning to educate ourselves, challenge our norms and recognize that we need to eliminate casual stereotypical, homophobic, inconsiderate, and insensitive because in the end, it’s not just a joke

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