Guest Blogger: Aireyon Clem

Aireyon Clem is an undergrad student at the University of Central Missouri who is perusing her degree in Digital Media Productions.  Aireyon is also the Advertising Manager at the student ran publication Muleskinner/digitalBURG.


A personal piece on the injustice of the criminal justice system.


Who’s my Brother?

Who is my Brother!

I exclaim again WHO IS MY BROTHER!!!

My brother is rich beyond understanding.  He walks with his head held higher than the point of an eagle’s vision because he is aware of his value.   So I ask, who is my brother in here.  See my brother has been awarded wealth within his biological makeup that is worth more than gold…literally.  The average human body has about 20 pounds of skin…that would equate, for a black man, to 9071.85 grams of melanin.  the dollar value per gram of melanin is $365.  This means that the average black man is worth $3,311,225.25. The same chemical that affords our people protection against the sun, anti-aging and a host of other properties, places a worth on us that we don’t understand…

Where’s my Brother?

Confined to captivity physically or mentally

The prison industrial complex is a byproduct of black miseducation.  Dr. Umar Johnson stated that “society is literally creating backdoors in schools that lead directly to prisons.”  The miseducation and misdiagnosis of African American males in the country funds the prosperity of prisons in the United States.

Why my Brother?

If you depreciate your own value, do you know your own worth?

Is it any coincidence that before March 17, 2010 the 5-year mandatory minimum for crack possession was grossly disproportioned to powder cocaine possession?

5 grams of crack cocaine would get you the same sentencing as 500 grams of powder cocaine.  The question inevitably is why.  Why do individuals in possession of crack cocaine earn the same 5 year sentencing as someone who posses 100 times more the amount of powder cocaine.

When my Brother?

When Will you become conscious of who you are, your significance? When will you understand that you are an endangered species? Without you, my brother this world is nothing. This nation is nothing without you. but unfortunately my brother, without you, this prison system would not be as prevalent as it is today. Take a look around. Our brothers are going missing. Missing from parenthood, missing from education, missing from society. Missing. Our communities are being threatened by the criminal justice system that polices, incarcerates, and sentence our brothers at higher rates than any other race. The black man is disproportionately scattered across the prison system making up 60% of its population. The U.S. Sentencing Commission stated that in the federal system, black offenders receive sentences that are 10 percent longer than white offenders for the same crimes. You, my brother, are more likely to be read your Miranda rights then hear your name being called for graduation.

It is imperative that we reform the criminal justice system.

The solution to reforming the criminal justice system in the United states is relatively simple. We unite, we come together, we support one another! We suggest to our brothers, smarter decisions to make, we Understand that if we give them nothing, they have nothing to use against us!

Only when we as black men begin to hold each other accountable, can we look to each other proudly and shout “He’s My Brother”!!!!

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