Alyssa Clifton- Guest Blogger

Alyssa Clifton is a student at the University of Central Missouri and is also a social justice advocate.


This year’s film festival will be the fifth one to take place through the University of Central Missouri. The goal of the film festival is to bring films from all around the world to bring light to social justice topics occurring around the globe.

I have rated films for previous festivals, volunteered, and have attended screenings. The variety of which the films come in is truly a great opportunity that my University offers to the community and its students.

The importance of being able to bring in filmmakers from around the world gives us a insight to problems occurring in other countries that we cannot see for ourselves, but also a different perspective for similar issues we are facing.

Social Justice is more than just within American borders, its worldwide. Films are a great way to educate the masses about these social injustices that occurring as well as gaining collective ideas on how we might approach them.

I have seen films that have really touched on personal social injustices that I have seen or have occurred to me and being able to meet the filmmakers and ask them questions really allows for that collaborative understanding. The films bring attention to issues that I have never even thought about or heard, but also awareness to what is happening outside of my own country.

This fact that the festival is hosted on campus is a great benefit to community members and students because it allows to easy access to attend the festival. It also provides the opportunity for students to apply what they are learning about from these films to their own courses.


I firmly believe that education on any issue politically, socially, or economically is nothing but beneficial to the students on campus as well as the community. The Show Me Justice Film Festival does just that, but also allows for artistic expression of the people who have dedicated time, energy, and money to such projects.

So if you get the chance to attend any screenings, I highly encourage you do because you might learn something new; but also ask questions, create discussion for these filmmakers. Many of them traveled to present their film to this audience and really any feedback, whether it be comments or questions will push yourself, the filmmaker, and the audience to think further on the topic, which is ultimately what this festival strives for.

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