Guest Blogger- Denys Kushnarov

The Show Me Justice Film Festival is on April 7th and 8th at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri. As the festival approaches, guest blogger Denys Kushnarov discusses Make Music, Not War, an official selection of the 2016 Show Me Justice Film Festival. 

Denys Kushnarov was born in 30/05/1986,  Donetsk region, Ukraine. In 2010, he graduated from Donetsk University with a Master of Science: Philology and Translation. In 2011, he changed everything drastically when he moved to Kyiv and graduated from TV-school. From 2011-2014, he worked at the TV-Channels and printed media.

Freelance journalist & independent filmmaker Denys Kushnarov has many projects under his belt. He traveled a lot through Europe; was 1,5 km under the ground in Ukrainian mine with German engineer; was 2,6 km above the ground in Slovakian Tatras with Ukrainian journalists; has shot more than 300 videos for the international social project “Wait for me”, helping people to find their missing relatives & to reunite families; has shot more than 200 videos for entertaining projects; and has written numerous articles  about tourism, foreign &  Ukrainian sights.



Yesterday – peace; today – war. If only all the military could solve their issues by playing music, not playing with our lives, we’d get another tomorrow.

My Reflection:

You know, I’ve got a strange photo… It dates probably to 1915. There are 3 men in the uniform of Tsarist-era. One is sitting; two are standing. And, the only information I have is that one out of the trio is…my great-grandfather. But neither I nor my relatives know who is who. The fact is that in 2016 (100 years later), many of us still don’t know who is who in our society.  Almost 100 years ago, after a short term of independence, we lost our state. The war came from east, with tons of propaganda and intimidation of the population; we have recently experienced almost the same thing again resulting in thousands of refugees, economic recession, and lost territories.  It is high time to remember Propellerheads and their “History repeating.”

Photo 2 Earth__Human_Magazine

But what is real social injustice – is the global appeasement policy in such situations.

Perhaps, it is in human nature to ignore something, because it’s out there, because it doesn’t touch me, because maybe it’s not as bad as they show us… It seemed to us so when Russia destroyed Chechnya; it was almost the same when Russia attacked Georgia, but when they started to annex our lands – for many of us everything became clear. Not for everybody, unfortunately, because the power of news propaganda is really strong!

But seeking the truth and resisting that barefaced lies from different news channels – that’s the holy mission of such kind of documentaries.

In my film I’m actually far from policy, in the focus – the destinies of humankind. There are ordinary people with the war in the background. It is really strange when a pair of hands can create sounds of harmony and sounds of war.  My mother lives 20 km from the front-line; she has already gotten used to going to the work hearing those war symphonies, which include gunnery and shelling. My uncle was captured for nothing over several months but managed to flee. However, there are friends and relatives who, due to the Russian TV news, support other side in this conflict, so the war and political games are the reason for broken families as well. 


All locations in my film are, of course, in Ukraine. There you can see the war-torn cities: Lisichansk and Slavyansk, which were conquered back after a short term of Russian occupation in 2015.

I’d like to devote my short film to my contradictory family and our conflicting world.

I’m very grateful to The Show Me Justice Film Festival for the opportunity to show my film, to share with my thoughts and emotions, and maybe to find some colleagues for further film cooperation.

You can find me here on the Youtube channel of our team and my Facebook page. 


Director Denys Kushnarov

–Denys Kushnarov

Film crew:

Director: Denys Kushnarov

2nd director: Oles Seredytskyi

Producer: Roman Orlov

Idea: Denys Kushnarov, Oles Seredytskyi

Camera: Denys Kushnarov, Oles Seredytskyi, Vladimir Bozhinskyi, Iliya Buturlin



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