Guest Blogger – Lauren Koske

Lauren Koske is a senior student at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri, studying towards her Bachelors of Science in Digital Media Production. She has a passion for all things audio, video, and digital journalism. 

2016 Election results: a step backward for feminism?

“More than half of the white women who voted in the presidential election cast their ballot for Donald Trump, according to exit poll data collected by The New York Times.”

Despite your political affiliation, this could information may confuse many Americans, especially those who identify as feminists. Some may even say that white women are the demographic to blame for Trumps stunning victory on Tuesday. But, on Wednesday, November 9th, it is safe to say that all Americans were grappling and seeking to find sense as the poll numbers and statistics were released.

After President Obama’s 8 year term in office that strives towards progression, the main point of concern I have seen through the election results is that this nation is split into two divides, and that they are both striving towards their own idea of a future America. It is clear to say that the divide between the red and blue parties may be changed forever.


Kellyanne Conway became the first woman ever to run a successful presidential campaign. Again, this can come to be a joy, or a devastation for women around America. For Clinton supporters, this is yet another reason to be outraged with our now president-elect. They could say, “How could she be so blindsided to the way that Trump speaks to a treats women, enough to put your full faith into managing his campaign?”. On the other hand, to the many women that voted for Trump, this is a turning point for the Republican party, and even the conservative movement; a chance to say, “We do support women in the workplace and in politics.”. For them, it shows change, progress, and with the mere public image of Conway, Republican women can identify.

hillary clinton.jpg

Hillary Clinton did not in fact have a female campaign manager, but her position as a female figure in politics for decades time in America speaks for itself. Never before in history has a women come this close to becoming president of the United States. This says a lot for a nation who’s women citizens were only able have the right to vote in any election less that one-hundred years ago.

There are certainly more fleets that have been made for women in politics this year alone that will not be mentioned in this post, but, the question we must ask ourselves is, when? When we will we allow ourselves to not be seen merely as women, but people. People not of less worth, and not of greater worth than any other human on this earth, as friends, daughters, mothers, sisters, and professionals. The only way we can progress and invoke change as women is to unite together as one.



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