Guest Blogger – Kyndall Mahone

Kyndall Mahone is a Senior at the University of Central Missouri. He is currently finishing up his major in Digital Media Production. His emphasis is in audio but enjoys other aspects of the major. He hopes to graduate and find a career in the Radio Industry. 

Death Penalty: Fair Or Not?

The term ‘Social Justice’ is justice in the terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.

I believe that the world tries its hardest to spread social justice everywhere. At the same time I believe it is not always as easy as it sounds. There are still many social injustices that occur daily. Some people may have different opinions and views on certain topics and how certain situations should be handled. One of the topics I would like to discuss today is the topic of the Death Penalty. Is it right or wrong? This is a subject that many people are torn over but I believe it is one that is important to be discussed. The death penalty is usually given as Capital Punishment by state for people who commit a very serious crime. If found guilty of the crime, the criminal will be sentenced to death. But is this right? Is it justified?



Some people will say “YES” that this is a justified punishment, while some will say “NO.” Usually this punishment is given for very serious crimes such as terrorism, murder, large scale drug trafficking, or treason. Some will argue that it is necessary for certain situations. Others will argue that no one deserves to lose their life, not even a criminal. Some will argue that it will be the only way to stop the criminal from committing crimes, while others will argue that there are other precautions that can be taken. The loss of a life is a permanent decision that can never be reversed. Once its done…. It’s done.



The death penalty is currently legal in 31 states, and banned in 18. Questions that come to mind when I think of this situation in our Country is leadership. Who gets to make the rules? Can we really justify that it is right for someone to have their life taken. Do they deserve to live whether they are right or wrong? I would like to not take a side but to just open eyes up and shed a bit of light on this topic as I feel it is an important one. I would like more people to engage in this topic and become aware of what is happening in our country. 






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