Guest Blogger – Michelle Castelli


Michelle Castelli is a first-year Graduate student at the University of Central Missouri pursuing a master’s degree in Mass Communication while she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. She hopes to graduate in May 2018, move back to Saint Louis, Missouri, and continue to follow her passion for design, public relations, and advertising.


Equality In The LGBTQ Community

It has taken many years for the LGBTQ community to be able to be married to their partner legally. Even though a law was passed for the LGBTQ community to be married in all 50 states legally, there have been some other factors that have taken place that the community has fought against and their discrimination.

For some states, the LGBTQ community is asked to leave or removed and even fired for what they do rather they have a child in a same-sex relationship or even denied to live somewhere. There are multiple cases where women and men have been in similar situations. Discrimination has been a big problem in the United States and even across the world. This issue has been a problem for many different types of communities, and it’s a severe issue in which some people feel it’s worth fighting for their right to be who they want to be.

7A4ABD67-5056-A936-A9598CCF77DF11D3“LGBTQ Youth Resources” at

Senators, Jeff Merkley, Tammy Baldwin, and Cory Booker, and Representatives David Cicilline and John Lewis, have gone in and brought forth the Equality Act in America. This Act protects the LGBTQ communities rights and any discrimination against them which includes, but is not limited to places to live, financial purposes, an education, various services, etc.

There are many different opinions about the LGBTQ community and their rights to be who they want and be with whom they want. Some will argue that they should be able to have the same rights as anyone else and some will argue the opposite. With experience as an Ideas and Issues Coordinator in my undergraduate career and as a continuous supporter, I try to bring forth positivity to the world as well as show people we are all one. Being accepting of all individuals no matter where they come from, who they are, or what they believe is how I think and live my life. 

These senators, representatives, and allies who support the community and including the Human Rights Campaign give the LGBTQ community the right to have such freedoms as anyone else. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) falls in line with actions taken by the LGBTQ community and for those political parties who support their cause and defend them to be who they want to be. The HRC continues to fight for the LGBTQ community and will do so by fighting for what is right.


HRCLogo-WithWords-1600x900“Human Rights Campaign” at 

If you support the LGBTQ community or want to support the campaign, you can do so by conducting research on the topic to get started or by visiting or If you want more information on how to become an Ally on your campus at the University of Central Missouri, visit



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