Guest Blogger – Michelle Castelli


Michelle Castelli is a first-year Graduate student at the University of Central Missouri pursuing a master’s degree in Mass Communication while she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. She hopes to graduate in May 2018, move back to Saint Louis, Missouri, and continue to follow her passion for design, public relations, and advertising.


Budget Cuts on Campus

There have been a lot of discussions in the last few months about the ongoing budget cuts for higher education – colleges, universities, and community colleges for the current academic school year as we speak. This dilemma has been an ongoing discussion among faculty and staff to help develop new plans on how to have a smooth and pleasant school year, but problems can still arise when the budget cuts occur.


“The New School Year Brings Major Education Budget Cuts to Districts” – 

According to Rosenbaum (2017), “the state didn’t get as much revenue as expected, prompting the Republican governor to cut $68 million in core fundings… for the current budget year” (para. 2). These budget cuts have increased tuition, provided fewer jobs to faculty, staff, and students, less access to an education, and some resources for students have been removed as well. There are over 24 different states that have experienced the same problem. With the rise of this ongoing problem, some tough decisions are being made which can be an adverse outcome on some.

Many students on campus want to start organizations or work to afford school, but cannot because of the budget cuts. For example, I came across the issue of not having a job when school started. When I was looking for a job on campus, I knew that the benefits of working on campus would be easier. Working on campus would provide an easier way to commute to work, attend classes, getting school work completed, and more experience within my field. However, there were not a lot of openings on campus because of the budget cuts compared to previous years. Luckily, I was able to find a job, but still, I had more of a challenge of finding one in this particular instance because there was this issue of budget cuts on higher education.


“Why a focus on higher education and research?” –

The bottom line of this matter is simple. Taking away opportunities from students, faculty and staff in higher education can be a challenge to someone’s future whether you realize it or not. Sometimes decisions are made based on what is better for the economy in the long run, but it’s better to think about what is beneficial for all individuals. Taking away opportunities and making it harder for students to afford an education isn’t going to make a difference. Not everyone can afford school as it is and making the task more difficult is only more detrimental to someone and their future.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think these budget cuts are a helpful thing for the world’s future economy or is it just slowing us down?




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