Guest Blogger – Ayesha Meriwether

Ayesha Meriwether a senior at the University of Central Missouri who study’s Digital Media Production. Ayesha’s hobbit consist of: working sports broadcast for her University’s football, volleyball and soccer games. She enjoys helping others as well as experiences a positive attitude. After college Ayesha plans on landing a job in sports broadcasting or working for a marketing company.




Heterosexual privilege is when something takes for granted the privilege they have US. What is heterosexual? A person who is heterosexual is emotional, physically and sexual attracted to the opposite sex. Have you ever consider what privilege heterosexual have over lesbians, bisexual, gay and transgender. An example of a heterosexual privilege is they can show their sexual attraction without being judged or being ashamed. This blog will point key privilege heterosexual, show why they should appreciate it, and help heterosexual gain a better understand of LGBT challenges.

In the article 30+ Examples of Heterosexual Privilege in the US by Sam Killermann (DATE) 5 key examples of the privileges heterosexual have are:

  1. Immediate access to your loved one in case of accident or emergency.
  2. Expressing affection in most social situations and not expecting hostile or violent reactions from others.
  3. The ability to teach about lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals without being seen as having a bias because of your sexuality or forcing a “homosexual agenda” on students.
  4. The ability to play a professional sport and not worry that your athletic ability will be overshadowed by your sexuality and the fact that you share a locker room with the same gender.
  5. Not risking a chance of being fired from job.

These five privileges are just a few out of many more. There obstacle homosexuals have go through in order to see loved ones if an emergency. They are asked question to prove they are here for the loved one. This could become annoying to a homosexual because they are stressed wondering if there lover one is okay.  In today’s society we don’t see people who identify LGBT community express their affection for their partner. Most times they are afraid of consequences they could face and what others will think. Heterosexual have the free will to express their affection for their partner. People rarely see lesbian’s bisexual gay and transgender kissing in public.   

Sometime heterosexuals are focus on their own life they fail to realized what advantages they have .It important heterosexuals are aware of the privilege have so they can appreciate them. The goal is to give those same privileges to homosexuals. Why should homosexuals be hinder, judge and not treated unequally.  

Teaching about LGBT topics or even talking about them can make people ASSUME that you are providing the way it should be or an agenda, when the LGBT person may simply be explaining something.

What about being a gay man who is an athlete, how often are they thought to be “looking” at all of the guys in the shower?  Why can’t the heterosexual person simply think that the gay athlete is showering and not ogling the other mens bodies.

Can LGBT people put pictures of their loved ones on their desk without worry that they will be harassed, just as the straight people can?



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