Guest Blogger: Dan Swoboda

Dan Swoboda is a Senior at the University of Central Missouri studying Digital Media Production trying to get into broadcasting. He has worked a few events on sports broadcasting, using it as practice towards his main goal of going to the music side of things. He currently produces and is an on-air talent for a radio show dedicated to alternative, punk, classic rock, and heavy metal type music on the schools online campus radio station.


People often question, why social justice is needed. Why social justice is a topic in the world. Social justice is not just something to be thrown around like politics. Social justice craves action. It craves desire to resolve wrong established inside of years of oppressive history. To answer to the wrongs done to us by our ancestors. To erase the fabrications of history that drives us apart.

According to American Vision, “By describing justice in social rather than legal terms, our attention is immediately drawn to national problems that can only be fixed by a civil government with enough power to enforce its policies.”

The ideals that justice to only be associated with law think that justice is enabled to only see that the word is used to fix something that is wrong or unlawful. So how is it that social justice be a term that is incorrect, in which social justice tries to right the wrong of stereotypes and other negative stigmas?Egypt Uprising solidarity protest Melbourne 4 Feb 2011

According to Aaron Lumnah, “Social justice is not about:

  • Creating a society that only works for a homogenous majority of people
  • Disparaging others who are different from us
  • Favoring and giving opportunities to only those people who have membership in this homogenous majority group

Social justice is about:

  • Creating a fair and equitable society for EVERYONE
  • Treating EVERYONE with the same respect that we expect to be treated with
  • Giving EVERYONE an equal opportunity to enjoy the kind of life they want to live, regardless of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else that may set them apart from the norm.”

Understanding the differences and setting them aside is social justice. Equal treatment is social justice. Remember how when you were younger you learned about the Golden Rule? Treat others how you wish to be treated? That is social justice.

So why is the name social justice incorrect? Social justice is a term applied to providing a “justice” on the crimes established by society. The crimes of unfair equality.

Professor Rajeev Bhargava of the Institute for Social Justice and Centre for the Study of Developing Societies stated, “Once people learn the culture of rights, they understand directly, without intervention from an external force, what they owe each other… What is it in the discourse of rights that is absent in other constitutional moralities?… Underling our moral equality.”

Now take this and look upon the basis of US politics and look at the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. It establishes freedoms bestowed upon men. Men of what is considered to be a free man, usually white. Not a woman, and not a person of color. How did women earn rights? Women suffrage movement of the early 1900’s. How did people of color earn rights? Freedom marches in the 1960’s and 1970’s. But why did these work? It was avocation for moral equality. Destroying previous prejudice and tradition and establishing political equality.

So my question to the viewers of this blog is if they feel social justice is an effective tool to which equality can be achieved. If social justice is something that is too impossible to reach that it is a waste of time to even be fighting for. If social justice were fully achieved, what would be different about the world today?



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