Guest Blogger: Winston Mackey

Winston Mackey is a junior at the University of Central Missouri studying Digital Media Production with a minor in Communication Studies. He is emphasizing in Audio and Live Studio & Remote Production. He loves music has a large library of over 3,000 songs and that collection is still growing. After school he would like to do something with audio because he loves to mess with audio of all kinds.


Movie Trailers

There are so many movie trailers that I cannot even count them all. It seems most movies have 4 or 5 main trailers. Then they have little ones for TV spots or short looping ads on Snapchat now (yes that’s a thing now, also I imagine it is hard to shoot something theatrical like that in a portrait mode since Snapchat is portrait only mode). Why so many? A reason I can think of is for the variety. Some people don’t want to watch just one trailer on all the platforms that these trailers go out to.

My Opinion on Trailers

As for my opinion I think we only need at most 2 trailers. I do not think the movie needs to share that much with us. If it is good then it really only needs one. If there are 5 trailers at let’s say two and a half minutes a piece then that would be twelve and a half minutes you have already seen of the movie. Sometimes what is in the trailers are not even in the film itself. I’ve been to movies almost anticipating that moment the whole time and it never came to be and I was like hey where was that one part where they were in the bar? Or something of that nature. I did not want to see Spiderman: Homecoming because I like the Tobey Spidermans that is what I grew up with I honestly did not need to see any more of him than I already have, but not the point I’m trying to make. I saw some trailers and I feel like they gave alot of that movie away. I didn’t need to see it even if I wanted to because I got enough information that kind of ruined my experience. Here is what I got from the trailers alone. Spiderman and Ironman have conflicts because Ironman thinks he just needs to focus on school and not fighting crime. Oh it wasn’t about the suit that makes Spiderman who he is either which is coming from the guy with a suit that makes up who he is. Yeah ironic. Spiderman does not follow any of Ironman’s helpful tips in life. Spiderman finds some bad guys with other animal personas and beats them up. There is a part where he is trying to pull a ship back together with his webbing. It’s not like I’ve seen Spiderman try to do anything with his web before cough cough Spiderman 2 and one of the Amazing Spiderman’s. Like I said I have seen a lot already. I imagine he does not die because he is the main character and heaven forbid they ever die nowadays. I imagine all the enemies are defeated too with the help of Ironman. So there’s my trailer experience for that film.

Tell me what you think?

Do you experience this? Do you even watch trailers? Do you watch one and say no more? Or are you just one of those people who looks at posters and IMDb to see who is in it and that’s it. If you want to watch a movie only watch one trailer or avoid it on the socials. It’s been fun blogging at ya! Have a wonderful day reader!


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