Just out of curiosity…..What feature classic feature length film do you think would fit the mold of SMJFF?

I love the creative freedom that comes with the SMJFF. It displays a scope for social problems we face without the Hollywood aspect. Not all about the glitz and glamour it really matters what the underlying message is. But have we ever stopped to think what films we already know and love would make a strong statement at the SMJFF? What classic films shows a strong plot for social issues? What film stands against typical Hollywood standards while remaining aesthetic pleasing and still has outstanding artistic integrity? Allow me to propose what film I feel would fit at the SMJFF is Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing”. Let me explain.


First off, DTRT takes place during the late 80’s on one of the hottest days in Brooklyn. Clever decision when we think about it because it makes perfect sense the tension displayed due to the irritable community experiencing the cruel heat. Peoples tempers are short and that exudes the perfect mood for the racial tension in the film. The main character is an even keeled kind of guy who is all about making his money. He appears cool calm and collected during the heat advisory which is impressive given the conditions they are facing. This was a good decision because it worked well for the overall vision of the film.




It put on full display the connections between the different demographic


s and police relationships. It does a good job of showing the senseless division when they are all the same, just all under a lot of stress from varying factors. It shows how cultures clash and make for one beautiful chaotic film. It also shows the relationship between young and old. All of the older characters are a lot wiser but the youth appeared to energetic and passionate, ready for action. It is symbolic because when the two came together it made for a powerful statement. Much like we need today in order to thrive as a society. This would be powerful for the SMJFF because i


t addresses a lot of the issues the other original submissions.

Aesthetically, it is one of the better artistic displays of its generation. The vibrant energy of the decade, amusing coloring, and stylistic dialogue in the form of soliloquy. I can appreciate the trash talking racist rants towards the end of the film because it shows the aggression and prejudice of all races but is put to shame by Samuel Jackson’s interjection, instructing everyone to take a chill. The other soliloquy performed by The Mayor is awesome in a sense that the lighting and the shot itself represents the conflict at the time. The opening credits shows the beautiful Rosie Perez dancing to Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” in different eye catching attire. She is dressed as a boxer, biker, and sports a pretty red dress while dancing vibrantly in different colors. It insights the passion and energy displayed throughout the film and is eye catching aesthetically.


This is why I feel DTRT would be a good fit at the SMJFF.


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