Guest Blogger: Robyn James

Robyn James is a senior at the University of Central Missouri majoring in Digital Media Production with an emphasis in audio. She is currently taking an interest in Sports Broadcasting, Radio production, Film. She enjoys learning new things with her friends and traveling. She hopes to, one, make her name a brand as big as Oprah.



*LoveBaker EP – Daisy*

The Creative Space in Underground

The concept of film has been around for centuries. Probably even more. Way before we can even remember. From Charlie Chaplin, William Kennedy, and all the other important writer and directors in this wonder world of film! But an industry that never gets mentioned in film is the raw-underground-world of film. We hear about the struggles artist go through, but never really about the pain and heartache that comes with it. The beauty behind the madness.

I caught up with Saint Louis creatives, Chazz Booker, also known as Eaiyt, and producer LoveBaker, to chat with them about being an underground artist and how they view film?

Interview Questions –

Question: Define underground artist? And do you consider yourself an underground artist?

“ An underground artist to me is an artist who isn’t really mainstream with a more organic fan base. And yes I consider myself underground and I really would kinda remain. I feel like music is free expression and I’m more into inspiration and cultivating a sound.“

Question: When you think of the word “film,” what comes to mind?

“When I think of film I think of moments in time that we’ll have forever. I think of the history of our nation and how much was captured via video or camera. Film has allowed us to evolve into other elements of creative power. Film is seen as old and outdated to some while giving others edgy and classic feels. Film is an expression that captures the eye of many people.“

As you can see, in both responses, film, music, and artistry, in general is seen as dorm of expression. Whether that’s mainstream music or underground films. Both are worth your undivided attention.

Wanna know what’s also worth your attention, Love Bakers new short film, Daisy, based off his new eight track EP, Daisy. Go check it out.


Why Daisy’s?

“My projects are based off real life people and situations twisted with my own imagination. It’s my way of making music and that’s where my energy comes from. But Daisy is a person I met in a very passionate part of my life. Learning about myself. Heart breaks and sunsets changed my life. I met her through a few friends and just moved in with her. Just because I was having a hard time with my living situation. We really got along with each other and came up with a lot of goals. We were both heavily influenced on drugs and loved one another for this reason. Both shared love for negativity. Actually would prosper from it. She ended up running away from me. Never heard from her and she just left me in her home. So I just made a project from the pain from that.“




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