Herma Too is a graduate student at the university of central Missouri perusing a master of art degree in mass communication.She is guest blogging for the Show Me Justice Film Festival as part of a project for her Media Promotions course.She  advocates for gender equality and minority rights.

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                         Stop Justifying Sexual Abuse Against Women!

Violence against women is among the most tolerated injustices across the globe. Every day women faces unwanted sexual advances, harassment and sexual abuse. When a woman faces any of these injustices they often remain quiet because of a culture that condones,explains and excuses violence against women.This is a pathetic culture that shouldn’t be condoned to any degree,as it keeps women in dark places shunning their light.

Rape is one of the most common form of sexual assault. The common attitudes held towards rape are  nonsensical.These attitudes place the blame on the victims, and don’t hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.Questioning  the victim’s credibility.Hence when a woman is raped the first question that will be asked is;what was she wearing?Similarly other questions like:was she sober?;Where was she?;why was she there?;was she too sexy to provoke the perpetrator? will be asked.With these questions you would think that the sexual offenders are animals who have no control over their sexual urges.These questions often shame the victim placing the blame of the assult on her.



Now ,it doesn’t matter how short her dress was,how sexy she was,how “wasted” she was at a house party or whether she was walking alone in the dark.These are just nonconsequential excuses that let sexual offenders get away with sexual abuse.What is of the essence is that, a crime was committed and her rights were infringed upon.The question is,what are we doing about it?

The social stigma that surrounds rape makes it unsafe for victims to come out to the police or even seek medical help.Even when a sexual assault victim is brave enough to come out,she is ridiculed and her case is never taken seriously.People are quick to discredit the victim not knowing what she goes through or how she gets herself to sleep at night.It is this attitude that cultivates and justifies these inhumane behaviors.Rape is traumatic!Healing is not an event but a process!Instead of punishing rape victims,let us create a ruthless society for the sexual offenders.As Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says culture does not create people rather  people create culture.My country people !we have come so far let us say NO to a culture that justifies violence against women.

Let us not encourage this insidious mentalities that accepts and excuses violence.Let us allow our women to speak up!Let us allow sexual assult victims to heal!Let us take action against the perpetrators!Let us be cognizant of our attitudes towards sexual abuse!Would your current attitude towards sexual assault change if your daughter was the victim?








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