All people are as equal as the teeth of a comb

What is racism and how it came to happen?

By: Ahmed Alzahrani is a graduate student at the University of Central Missouri, pursuing a Masters in Mass Communication. He is a guest blogging for the Show Me Justice Film Festival.



There is no easy methodology that can be employed to answer the question of what is racism and how it came to happen. Racism is unlovely. It has separated people based on our ethnicity and skin colour. It occurs at situations where people think that it’s quite good to treat others with brutality as we carry on with our daily lives.
Racism is not good and it occurs in couple of different means. At times you can over hear it when people are making jokes or hating on one of the ethnic groups. Or even when people bully others and call them racist names because they are of different race. You even see it when people make offensive and negative comments online, write racist graffiti on public places simply because we don’t belong to the same race.
Why is it that people approach something indefinite such as race, something that we cannot choose, can make us better than other people? Racism is complicated and confusing, evidently it is not usually based on the skin colour as many people believe it to be. For example, the white supremacists who held rally recently hate the African-Americans who opposed them.

Racism comes as result of complicated interplay between people’s attitudes, practises and also social and moral values. Racism occurs in many forms since it’s deployed in the deeds of people and their institutions. It can take forms such as the use of abusive language, bullying and harassment or use of negative comments towards a specific ethnic group.


Despite that racism can lead to acts of physical abuse and disagreements, it can also lead to some people being excluded from getting involved in employment , education and other social activities. Also racism can happen in some institutions that have set aside some harsh policies that drawback specific groups. The belief that some ethnicity is superior or inferior to others is sometimes employed to manifest the differences. At most cases racism is illustrated through unconscious preconception. In that racism operates to bring differences in access to power/ruling, opportunities and resources in different racial and ethnic groups.
In today’s world racism is one of the key problem. In our current world there are many people who are not aware whether there are many cases of racism in our work forces and in other social activities. There has not been to racism as it was decades ago. It’s in very much existence and it’s the high time people need to come to full realization on how to curb this world key issue. In many cases people belief racist individuals were brought up in racist environment. Government, anti-racism groups and institutions are among many other basic causes of the racism. All in all, every person is born innocent and not racist “All people are equal like the teeth of a comb”, but as they grow they learn on how to become racist if they are exposed to racist institutions and many other hidden activities.



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