Injustice of Deporting Children

Trayner Wilson is a senior at the University of Central Missouri in the Digital Media Production program. He enjoys movies, music, playing pool, and hanging with his dog Scooby-Doo. He will be guest blogging for this week.


There has been a lot of issues with deportation lately under the Trump administration. There has been a lot of talk around social media about the problems that surround kicking people out of the country. There are valid points to both sides in support of and not in support of deportation. There are some aspects of it that make sense in my mind, such as having more jobs and cutting back on supporting immigrants and being able to focus on the American citizens. Although I think it is wrong the way they are dealing with deporting people and families. It is tearing families apart and I believe there are ways to deal with it to where our government could at least set the families up with a start to a new life back in their own country.Z5VZRQBJOVEOFIDL5QTKXGA6TI

However, I do think there is things our country will start to lose if we continue to deport families and other people like we have been in recent years. If we send all of the immigrants out of the US, then we would lose a lot of culture from other places in the world. I believe it is important to have a lot of exposure as a nation to other countries around the world so we can have a diverse and experienced culture. If we have a sense of other cultures around the world and understand them, I think it will help us to have better relations around the world as well as expanding our own culture.

Now I am also strongly against deporting children, especially if they are being deported without any of their family. There has been a lot of articles popping up that discuss some of the aspects of deporting children. One that I found particularly interesting was from the LA Times that discusses deporting children without any representation. A department of Justice Judge testified about teaching young children immigration laws and allowing them to testify in court. I don’t remember much of when I was 3-4 but I know for a fact I would not have known what was going on if I had to be in a court case. I do not think this is something that we should allow our country to do. It is very off putting that someone would think a young child at such an age would be able to testify on their behalf when it comes to them getting deported. I am sure that poor child would be confused at the fact they have to leave their life behind that they have started in the US and move to a different country.

This article showed me a lot that I had not known about child deportation and some of the laws around it. I am now a little more worried about what we are doing to these families and why we have to disrupt a young child’s life just to benefit ourselves.

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