Gun Liability

Trayner Wilson is a senior at the University of Central Missouri in the Digital Media Production program. He enjoys movies, music, playing pool, and hanging with his dog Scooby-Doo. He will be guest blogging for this week.


Gun liability is something that has come to light more recently since there seems to be a lot more shootings happening. There are people out there that believe gun manufacturers and gun sellers should be held accountable after a school shooting/ mass shooting occurs. Now there is also a lot of problems with our gun control laws in the United States however, I do not think a lot of that can be controlled by the government.


There is a massive underground black market for weapons that goes on regardless of how the government is trying to stop it or not. There will always be a way for people to get their hands on a firearm if they really want to. There will have to be a lot of policies and laws put into effect before there is any control on guns in the US. I personally own several guns and use them for hunting and even some recreational shooting so I support being able to own guns as long as you don’t have any convictions dealing with firearms.

I hate the fact that there are people out there that use guns for the wrong reasons and it is something that is important in my mind to figure out more effective ways to regulate guns and how people can get access to them. When it comes to the gun liability I think it is important for manufacturers and sellers to have insurance and coverage to protect them in the case of people trying to sue these companies when crimes are committed with their products. I think it is useless to try and sue the companies that produce these weapons because they do not intend their customers to have these dark intentions.

That seems that it would be a losing battle most of the time in court against bigger gun manufacturing companies who can get really good lawyers. As far as the individuals that own guns, most insurance companies won’t give coverage for such small claims. Naturally there is some sorts of liability coverage that cover some accidental shootings and self-defense but obviously they do not cover any sort of criminal activity. This is something I like that can protect the people that get into certain situations and are only acting to save their lives or others.

There is a huge problem with gun violence in our country, I do not think it will be easy to control if we can ever control it at all.  I do not think that it is necessarily just in our gun laws, but also there needs to be attention to the areas with the most gun violence. If there is something done about the areas where this violence is happening then I think we could solve a lot of issues we have with people getting a hold of guns that would have criminal intent. I know there is a lot that goes into helping out areas with more violence but I believe it would help to control some of the incidents we have with guns in this country.

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