Guest Blogger – Dan Harbaugh – “Credit Where Credit is Due”

Dan Harbaugh is a senior at the University of Central Missouri. He will graduate in 2020 with a degree in digital media production with a focus in audio. He loves recording and contributing his efforts to interesting soundscapes and audio experiences. He also is a professional voice actor, and enjoys a good bit of art in his free time. Something that some people don’t fully understand the rules for –


Artists work hard on what they make. This isn’t your everyday doodle kind of art, but artwork that takes time to develop and master. With the rise of digital art online, one can expect some funny business to occur to say the least. What I’m talking about it a form of art theft. Basically put, it’s when a person posts artwork that doesn’t belong to them and doesn’t credit the original artist in any way. This was the story for Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, a few months back.

This was the original work that Elon Musk “refused” to credit. The story goes that the billionaire tweeted just the image with the text “2B” [a character from the NieR:Automata series] and left it at that. When asked about why he didn’t credit the artist, he stated, “any fool can find out who the artist was in seconds.” and then went on to say that doing so is whats destroying the medium. Funny enough, these tweets were deleted later.

This issue continues to  happen online and its negatively affecting artists. Not crediting the artist is what destroys an artists brand and makes it undeniably difficult for them to be recognized for their work. Any form of art theft damages not only the mentality for sharing art online, but it further scares new artist from sharing their creativity as well. This, if anything, can be a reminder to give credit where credit is due. Ask permission, or at the very least give some indication that the art  belongs to someone else – and I guarantee if there is no link to the artist, someone will notice and let you know.


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