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Guest Blogger: One Way You Can Make a Difference

Jeremy is The Spider-Pan, host of The Neverland Podcast. He enjoys comics, Disney, video games, Disney, movies, and Disney. He also likes long walks on the beach in the rain while dancing around light poles.


Imagine a young girl, perhaps someone you know.  She’s young, pure, innocent, and perhaps a bit trusting.  She’s living with her family in poverty, though she still has hopes and dreams of a future.  She wants to love and be loved, treated like a princess, respected and honored in a life of her own making.

One day a stranger comes along and offers her work and a way to support her family.  The stranger offers to take her somewhere that she can make all of her dreams come true.  She’s excited and trusts this stranger completely.  Her family sees a way to combat the poverty that they live in and so they permit the stranger to take her away.

They cross the border into a new country and she’s excited about what her new future will bring.  She journeys through a nice community as she thinks all her dreams are coming true.

And then she is brought inside a decrepit ruin of a house.  She’s shoved into a room with a mattress on the floor.  The stranger she has trusted takes money from another man, breathes a sigh of relief and quickly leaves, abandoning her to her new master.  She’s just been trafficked, and has become a slave.

She is beaten, drugged, and forced to do unspeakable things.  Her will is broken, her dreams die, and she learns that resistance only brings more pain.

All this can be changed when the right person is there at the right time to intercept her and save her from this horrid crime.

Love Justice international is a non-profit organization that began as Tiny Hands International in 2004 when they opened up an orphanage in Nepal.  In just two years they began rescuing children on the borders of India and Nepal, and begin work in Bangladesh.  Since then they have grown to reach Africa and other places in impoverished countries where children are trafficked, and they’ve helped bring these criminals to justice.

The human trafficking industry is one of the greatest injustices in the world today—and it continues to grow at a devastating pace. Women and children are either kidnapped or lured by false offers of marriage or employment, and then they are sold into human trafficking.

They are smuggled to another country where they are forced to work as prostitutes, laborers, or similar roles. Our primary strategy for fighting the human trafficking industry is to monitor national borders and transit hubs, intercepting the victims before they are lost to the dark world of modern slavery. –

They currently call this work, Project Beautiful.

We believe every life is beautiful.
She is a child of God, and He knows her by name.
She is worth everything to Him.
She is not just a victim.
She is human. She is precious.
She deserves to be free.
Because every life is beautiful. –

For just $30 a month you can be a part of their efforts as they continue to help orphaned or abandoned children, and rescue women from their would-be slavers.  It is estimated that 21-45 million slaves are imprisoned globally, and so far they rescued over 15,000.  There’s a lot of work to be done, but they need funding.  This is just a small way that you can make a huge difference in the life of someone that you may never meet.