Social Justice in Sports

Andrew Griggs is a senior at the University of Central Missouri. He will graduate in December 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Production with an emphasis in Radio. He currently works for Prepcasts LLC as a play by play commentator He has started his own channel on the broadcasts by signing Sweet Springs athletics to a one year contract with Prepcasts LLC.



Seeking equality in sports dates back to 1963 with the march on Washington. Bill Russell participated one the march and conducted integrated basketball clinics in Jackson, Mississippi and was an outspoken activist of segregation. USA track and field athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised a gloved fist to support and represent the civil rights movement during the struggling time for equality, to honor the death of Dr. Matin Luther King Jr. and Senator Robert Kennedy. In 2016 the death of Muhammad Ali reignited the time of when black men had to fight for their country while being denied civility and civil rights at home. Ali’s refusal to serve in the Vietnam War became a defining historical moment for the Black athlete-advocate. Colin Kaepernick’s taking a knee during the national anthem represent some of the modern ways Black athletes have used their respective platforms in sport to draw attention to the cultural illusion of meritocracy in America Despite this, their courage and resilience opened doors for Black athletes to speak out against social injustice todaykapAdvert.jpg

What are some of the things you have seen athletes use to draw attention to their beliefs of social justice in sports?


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